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PAK Connected Leadership

Connected leadership is an annual leadership quest that takes us to the next level of living and working together. Connected leaders are connected with themselves, with their organization and with the global community. They fully inhabit their own power, their talents and their position in order to serve their community. They lead, knowing that we are all on a journey, partly unknown of destination, but heading in the right direction. There is recognition that detours can be helpful and instructive. They will happen; let us accept those and learn from them. We will return to the path.

Coming together in Africa

Dutch and African leaders come together in Africa for a joint leadership quest. We will cycle in Kenya, through a variety of landscapes. We share stories and thoughts.

Connected Leadership starts in May 2022 and concludes in November 2022. The cycling quest takes place in the first two weeks of October 2022.


Participants are invited to join the quest based on their ‘fit’ with the programme, their desire to connect with their own leadership potential, and their ambition to learn and discover themselves alongside their journeymen.

We take leaders from different continents on a personal quest that brings them more in connection with themselves, as well as their communities.


The leaders receive guidance by Bastiaan van Meeteren, coach and partner at PAK business development,
The Netherlands. Mary Siro Kiragu is in charge of logistics supported by the team of Green Ranger Safaris, Kenya.

Together is better

In Kenya, it is our intention to daily link into Leading Organizations, such as African Leadership Group, AMREF Health Africa (flying doctors) and Kenya Wildlife Service. African leaders along the route will participate in group sessions. We will share and learn from each other about themes that are universal for leaders all over the world.


Themes of Connected Leadership

Our themes relate directly to the personal quest of every participant. Each participant will define their quest prior to the journey. That will be shared with all participants such that we can fully support each other whilst on the journey. For some of us, it is better to sharpen the quest than find the answer. In general, we will work with the following themes:

Leadership and Power

As a leader you have power, this is inherent in the place of the leader. The leader who takes his power consciously uses it to serve the group and to indicate and guard the way towards a destination. The leader who does not take his power or takes it too much runs the risk of abusing it; this has a self-depriving effect (less autonomy), both on the leader and on the group.


We each operate from a position of responsibility. Responsibility is the position from which you answer. No more and no less. Responsibility and guilt aren’t the same.


Ritual can be a powerful access point into and out of a journey. Into a day, into a relationship. The participants will be inaugurated with an African ritual for maturity or leadership.


Given that Connected Leadership is cycling and questing in Africa, we pay respect to African approaches and beliefs. Ubuntu is a leadership concept that is referenced a good deal in Southern Africa when leadership/management styles are being discussed:

The concept of Ubuntu can be clarified as ‘humaneness’ and as a ‘pervasive spirit of caring and community, harmony and hospitality, respect and responsiveness that individuals and groups display for one another’.

Ubuntu is founded on the principles of:

  1. treating others with dignity and respect;
  2. a willingness to negotiate in good faith;
  3. providing opportunities for self-expression, and honoring achievement and self-fulfillment;
  4. understanding the beliefs and practices of indigenous people;
  5. honoring seniority, especially in leadership;
  6. promoting equity in the workplace;
  7. being flexible and accommodative.

The participants of Connected Leadership 2021

Marielle FrumauJohn KimaniGuidance: Bastiaan van Meeteren 
Liam Fisher JonesRuben van der Made 
Peter ScheffelMuturi Njeri 

 Join us in 2022

In 2022 we will start a new journey from okt 17 to okt 28. Are you interested in joining Connected Leadership? Just contact Bastiaan +31 (0)6 4509 3422 or Also check our in-company team development and leadership programme. Karibu Sana.