PAK Connected Leadership Kenya

PAK Connected Leadership

Leadership programme on a bicycle

Dutch and African leaders come together in Africa for a joint leadership quest. This quest brings them more in connection with themselves, as well as their organization and communities. We will cycle in Kenya, through a variety of landscapes. We share stories and thoughts. You will guided by a PAK senior coach in the development of your leadership skills and personal growth. Connected Leadership takes place in the last two weeks of October 2023.


Participants are invited to join the quest based on their their ambition to learn and discover themselves alongside their journeymen.

“Cycling is the best pace at which to see the world and discover yourself.”

Liam Fisher Jones – Board member Amref Africa

Participant Connected Leadership 2021


Our themes relate directly to the personal quest of every participant. Each participant will define their quest prior to the journey. That will be shared with all participants such that we can fully support each other whilst on the journey. For some of us, it is better to sharpen the quest than find the answer. In general, we will work with the following themes:

  1. “Where do I stand in life and work?”
  2. “How can I change the direction of my organization?”
  3. “How can you I for myself while I’m working day and night?”
  4. “Which influence do I have on results in the past and in the future?”


The leaders receive guidance by Bastiaan van Meeteren, coach and partner at PAK business development, The Netherlands. Mary Siro Kiragu is in charge of logistics supported by the team of Green Ranger Safaris.

Together is better

In Kenya, it is our intention to daily link into leading organizations, such as African Leadership Group, AMREF Health Africa (flying doctors) and Kenya Wildlife Service. African leaders along the route will participate in group sessions. We will share and learn from each other about themes that are universal for leaders all over the world.

Join us in October 2023

In 2023 we will start a new journey from Oct 16th to Oct 27th. Are you interested in joining Connected Leadership? Just contact us via +31 (0)6 4509 3422 (The Netherlands) of or +254 (0)11 2013 789 (Kenya) or white an e-mail to

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